Where The Wild Thing Sleeps…

IMG_5482When I was pregnant with a boy, I felt lost when it came to decorating his nursery. I was beyond excited to make a place for his sweet little body to rest. Yet, when I stared at the blank canvas of his empty room, I felt lost. So, I took to Pinterest. Bad Idea. I went from no ideas to way too many. Adventure. Forest animals. Eric Carle. Cactus. Jungle. Trust me, I could go on and on. It was  overwhelming. I knew I wanted a place for a baby without making it too baby-ish. I wanted that balance between innocence and sophisticated. Thats not asking too much right? It wasn’t until my sons nightly womb aerobics that I stumbled upon his nursery theme. My husband and I were laying in bed watching my belly distort into strange shapes and movements. The movie Alien comes to mind. Well, minus the alien ripping open her stomach at the end. (Because that would have been traumatizing.) My husband leaned over and put his hand on my stomach, in awe of his sons every move, and said “Woah, he’s a wild thing!” And then it hit me. I loved that book and it would make an awesome nursery theme. This time, Pinterest did not fall short.

I didn’t want to overdo the Wild Things theme though. I didn’t want a jungle painted on his wall because I get bored easily and I know after a few months I would paint over it. I wanted little touches of wild things, but not too much.


So, I bought frames and an extra book and used the pages from the book as the pictures. The frames were found at Target and Marshalls and they gave the perfect rustic vibe that fit in with his room so perfectly.

After his baby shower, I walked away with so many swaddles. A crazy amount! I didn’t know what to do with them all. So, I decided to put some on display. I bought this cute arrow here that felt wild and adventurous. I loved how the colors accented the frames and brought this space together.

Continuing with the Wild Things/adventure theme, I had to have a teepee. I thought it would make the perfect little reading corner. A place where he could go and imagine himself in worlds far far away as he got lost in a book. A place where his imagination could run wild and play could be endless. What child wouldn’t want a teepee to hide and play in.


The space was tricky at first. His room is not huge by any means and with a crib taking up most of the space, fitting a teepee in there was going to be a tough job. But, I was bound and determined to make it work. And I did. Go me! I found a fur rug to put inside, a tin bucket and filled it with stuffed animals. He needed friends to read and go on adventures with! I love this space and he does too. It’s his favorite spot to hang out in his room.

Here are the links:

Teepee (They do not have the chevron on, but a cute white and gold one)      Rug


A mistake I made with my first child was not buying a rocking chair that was comfortable. I found an old rickety rocking glider at at garage sale and decided to make it work. Worst idea ever. I hated that chair.

It hurt my back. It hurt my butt. And the way it creaked became increasingly obnoxious the more I used it. This time, I was going to find a chair that I could rock miles in. Because lets face it, your in that thing A LOT! I must have sat in 100 chairs to find the right one. And a year later, this chair is still so dang comfortable. I liked this one because of the button detail and the grey fit in perfectly with the color scheme of the nursery. The ottoman was optional and my husband demanded that we get it. I’m not going to lie, those late nights during teething, the ones where he wouldn’t let me put him down, it was nice to be able to kick my feet up. Its padding is comfortable and its wide enough to accommodate a growing baby. No need for squished arms here. I added a cute aztec style pillow to tie in the Wild thing/Adventure theme. It makes the perfect spot for bedtime stories, lots of kisses, and extra cuddles. I don’t know what I would do without this chair.


IMG_5506    I added a cute shelf with some decor just to make the large wall seem less gigantic. I am still deciding whether or not I want to stain the shelf or leave it its natural wood. Hmmm, any thoughts? I found the perfect sign that said exactly what every mama feels about their baby. (Because, I am seriously going to love him forever and ever.) I added a cute little plant for a pop of color and the hanging sign to fill up some of that wall space. Plus, lets be honest, all he does is eat, sleep, play and repeat. Well, and cry. He does a lot of that too lately, lets be honest. I really do love how it all came together. It’s my favorite space. [Well, other than the teepee because that spot is the best!]

To finish off his room, I got this cute dresser from Rustic Romantic Furniture and created his changing station. I knew he wouldn’t fit on a changing IMG_5473table too long so I wanted something that we wouldn’t have to get rid of once he was too big for it. So, I just added the changing pad to the top (securing it of course) and used the top drawer for all of his diapering needs. Super convenient! I found the sign here. Baskets at a little boutique and the arrow was gifted at my shower. My Mother in law made all of the signs on the baskets and the plants are from target’s clearance section. His jar was once filled with pacifiers but now is filled with socks since this little guy refused a pacifier. And my favorite thing on this dresser…the Munchkin Sound Machine. This thing has saved our sleep!!! From the first night we used it, this kid slept All. Night. Long! It was glorious. Now, when neighbors are loud, or dogs are barking, or even fourth of July fireworks are going off, this kid sleeps through it. Thank you Jesus! I love it. It has several different settings (lullaby, heart beat, ocean waves, etc.) but white noise is our favorite.

Even Zeke thinks so…that is him signing help asking me to turn the sound machine on.


We seriously love this space you guys. It’s his mini man cave and one of our favorite rooms in the house! Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading!