Oh The Joys of Teething…

We are knee deep in teething right now. And as we wait for those four molars (yes, I said four) to pop through, we hunker down and pray God will be gracious as we try and survive the day. I swear, before you have kids, moms should have to go through combat training. We should be ready to clothe ourselves in riot gear, stand firm on the line, armed with the tools needed to take on a teething baby.  As most parents who have been through the molars stage of teething know it can feel like you’re in the middle of a war zone. 

Yesterday, he refused to eat. Everything that went into his mouth, got spit right out or tossed onto the floor. He. Would. Not. Eat. But, he was hungry so he cried for food, yet refused everything I tried to feed him. What’s a mom to do? I tried everything. Fruit, apple sauce, yogurt, cheese, turkey. Nothing worked until I became so beyond desperate and threw some

Chicken nuggets in the microwave. You know the over processed kind? The kind that you’re not even sure if real chicken is in it? Ya, that kind. I was desperate. And you know what? He ate it. Every last bite. Was I proud? No. But, my kid didn’t starve and I’m ok with that. Just don’t get used to it kid.

Sleeping on the other hand? That’s a whole other blog post in itself. 

Motherhood is a juggling act. I wonder what challenges tomorrow will bring. Until then, I will try and get through the day as he refuses to sleep. This should be interesting.

Pray for me.