KidloLand App


The teacher in me loves all things educational! So you can believe how excited I was when I was given the opportunity to work with a new app called Kidloland. It has so many fun ways for my son to learn. Nursery rhymes, games, stories, you name it! I love how engaging the pictures are. I love the catchy songs. Yes, some are still stuck in my head…but hey, he’s learning!

Not only does it come with fun games and nursery rhyme songs, but it comes with songs about colors, shapes, vegetables, interactive stories, and games! What he loved most about playing with the app was how interactive the nursery rhymes were. During the songs, if he would tap the screen, the cow would moo, or the cat would throw a ball! It wasn’t just him sitting and watching, he was engaged and interacting with the nursery rhymes. I love that he would get so into it and excited about playing!

There are so many categories to this app it makes the learning fun seem endless!! Here’s just a few of my favorites:

-story games
-flash cards
-learning ABCs
-early learning
-create and play
-shapes and colors

Talk about a teachers dream!

As a mom, I limit screen time for my son, but what I love about this app is that I know when he is getting that screen time, he isn’t just watching a silly show, but he is learning and exploring and I just love that!!

Go check out the app now! Promise you won’t regret it!!

iOS: KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes

Google Play: Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, ABC Phonics, Preschool

Amazon Appstore: Nursery Rhymes, ABC Songs – KidloLand