Mommy Must Haves

Being a third time mom, my must have list has definitely changed. Long gone are the days where I need every new gadget for baby. Over the last few years of parenting, my must have list has become more practical, and these amazing products were a few I just had to have!


I can’t wait to see my little girl sleeping and playing in this lounger! Not only are the patterns for their covers so fun, but the fact that they are tested for breathability makes this mama heart so happy! We do co-sleep for the first few months and love that this makes for the perfect co-sleeping buddy. I love that the edges are a little higher so that the baby will have its own space. I have a feeling this thing will be traveling all around the house with us so baby girl can be comfy anywhere she is.

Binxy Baby

Grocery shopping with two kids in a cart now should be a breeze with this shopping cart hammock! Baby will not be taking up the whole cart anymore! Genius! With my son, I used to always put the entire car seat in the cart and then I’d have to play Tetris with my groceries and stack them around the car seat. I’m so excited about this product and how it will make grocery shopping with three kiddos less of a task and a little more enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as grocery shopping can be with three kids!

Ollie Swaddle

Looking forward to getting a few hours of extra sleep with this smarter swaddle! It stops the startle reflexes! How wonderful is that! My son always startled himself awake so I really can’t wait to use this! I remember how I would finally get him to sleep after over an hour of walk-bouncing and I’d lay him down and slowly back up, only to watch him throw his hands up in the air and startle himself back awake. The process would begin again. I love that this will help combat those sleepless nights with me all while being a soft and comfy swaddle that she will love. And when I say soft, I mean it! It’s seriously the softest fabric ever!

Solly Baby Wrap

Having baby close to me will make being a mom to two other kiddos so much easier! I didn’t have this with my son and making dinner was full of anxiety. Now, I’ll be able to do it all! Plus, I love how the material is soft and not bulky at all and makes baby feel like they are back in your womb!

Naturesutten Pacifier

I’m all about healthy, no BPA and extra comfort knowing mold can’t get in those books and crannies! Which is why I love this pacifier! It’s my number one natural choice!

-I received products compliments of @dockatot, @binxybaby, @ollieswaddle