When School Starts…

When school starts, it’s always a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand, new adventures begin for your kids. They get to face new experiences, new situations, and hopefully make some life lasting memories. Those are the good parts. The “bitter” part of this new sweet adventure…it means they have grown up even more. Its a reminder that time, once again, has done you dirty, and they have indeed gotten older. Why time?? Why do you have to do this to me?

I remember everyone telling me as held my daughter for the first time to cherish every moment, it goes so fast.  And like an overwhelmed first time mom, I didn’t do that very well. Gone were the days were I got to sleep all night, eat when I wanted, use the bathroom alone, and work without interruptions. I missed those days, yet I loved her. And then I said those nine words every mom has said (or maybe it’s just me). “I can’t wait until she is sleeping through the night”.  I stopped cherishing every moment and looked forward to the future.  Looking back now, I blame myself.  Did I want her to be older and sleeping through the night? Sure, sounds great!!  But, what I didn’t realize was that her sleeping through the night meant that she wasn’t my little newborn baby anymore. She was older. Fast forward to now and she is seven [insert ugly cry]. It feels like that movie Click with Adam Sandler. Somehow I managed to push the fast forward button and in a blink we are starting third grade. Ha Ha time. Really funny. You can go back to the newborn days and let me hold her one more time…

Here’s the thing though, when my son was born I was well aware as to how fast time really was going to go. I was ready to lasso time by the horns and hog tie it up. This time, I would cherish every moment.  And I tried, I really, really, really tried. I held him a little longer, I rocked him a few more miles on his rocking chair, and I even put down my phone more and gave him ALL my attention. But guess what? It. Still. Went. Fast. I blinked and its been a year. [Insert really, really ugly cry].

Maybe I’ll get it right with the third baby. But, I’ve got a strange feeling time will win again.

School, you are wonderful and I do look forward to you at the end of summer when my children are driving me crazy. But, you definitely make time fly much quicker. Maybe I’ll just start wearing a GoPro on my head all day and go back and rewatch every minute so I make sure I don’t miss a thing.

It’s a thought….

Any tips? I’d love to hear them!! I don’t want to blink again and they are in college.