The World Has Enough Critics

Be an encourager; the world has plenty of critics already. 


Wow, my devotional today was practically screaming my name. So many times, I find myself nit picking and nagging on my husband. Dishes are not loaded in the sink right, the washed pan was left on the counter instead of in the cabinet right below and the lawn wasn’t mowed. Dare I go on. I’m not saying that I am critical about everything all day long, I am just saying that he probably hears the negative far more than he hears the positive. What’s ironic, is that I’m his biggest fan. I’m constantly cheering him on…in my head. I need to be far better about letting those words break free from my head, escape through my lips and go into his ears. He deserves it. He does far more good than he gets credit for.

My husband is Superman, minus the flying capabilities…and the washboard abs. (Sorry, babe). He works hard at saving the world, comes home and saves me from our children, and then in the midst of his exhaustion, he even does the dishes. Yet, in the middle of all this wonderfulness, I focus on the one thing he did wrong, instead of the million he did right.

It is so easy to focus on the negative. To be critical. To not give credit where credit is due. Why is that? Why is pointing out his flaws so much easier than being his cheerleader? Why do I struggle with building him up and encouraging him more? Please tell me I am not alone here!!

I have an overflowing abundance of grace for my kids…most of the time. I give them grace and chances and speak to them with kindness even in the midst of my frustration. I pick up toys left behind, wipe away homework tears for the millionth time, pick up the dirty clothes that lay on the floor 2 inches from the laundry basket every day, all without saying a word. I encourage, build up and cheer them on through every milestone. Big or small. For me, encouragement feels as natural as breathing, when it’s pointed toward my children. Not so much towards my husband. Maybe it’s because they have used it up all day long and there isn’t much grace left over for him. Maybe it’s because they are children and he should know how to put his clothes in the hamper. As I write this, I realize that’s not fair to him. There’s no excuses for that nagging nit-picky voice he hears all too often. Regardless of the reason, he has earned just as much grace as they do, if not more. After all, he married me! I need to commit to saving some for him. He deserves my actions and words to be an encouragement and a blessing.

Proverbs 12:25 “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.”

I’ve officially kicked Negative Nancy out my house. Girl, bye! He deserves to know how wonderful he is.